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Rakesh - I don't mind to be called as ROBO(which my classmates called before the movie Itself)


Tel - +91 9666 555 960

       +91 9553 688 989

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Hey, I’m



Industrial & Product Designer, Tech Architect

This profile pic is actually a Selfie shot with the other Camera

I am an Industrial Designer with strong "Hands-On/Floor" experience in fabrication, execution and creation of physical products and have filed for 5 patents. I have worked on projects in various areas such as Textiles (eco-friendly cotton bag), Automobiles (more efficient IC Engine configuration), User experience (metal body for health kiosk), Health (Robotic Walker for assisted walking & Special Footwear for Diabetic patients), Security (GPS-enabled Smart Padlock) among others.



Services That I Provide

  • Monthly Subscription of Mentorship and Technical Support to Electromechanical and Electronic applications with Practical Approaches.

  • Industrial and Product Design from Concept to Production.

  • Tech Architecture.

  • Functional Model Making and Prototyping.

  • Analysis and Developing your systems through different fool proof Approaches

  • Establishing flexible ways taking a project ahead through quick and budget-friendly approaches



Industrial Design of Pulse Active Stations
Thermal Analysis & Tech Consult @ Uravu
Awards & Achievements @ Wipro EcoEnergy
A Special Robotic Walker for Cerebellar Ataxia Affected Women
Invention of New IC Engine Configuration
Inventions at India Gadget Expo - 2015
Truck Space and Tonnage Optimization of JK Logistics
My Association with KE and LANSEA
Working on Inertial Propulsion - Space
Self Powered Exo-Skeleton for Disabled.
Creation of Colliding Vortices - Jet Engines
Product Designs, CAD, Physical Modelling, Designs, Sketching.
Development works at Autonagar Workshops.
My Work Spaces at Different Places
26 Consecutive Awards at Techfests @ Engg
Science Videos - Scimagine @ Youtube
Working on other Patentable Inventions
MY Photography & Light Painting
Patents Filed on my Inventions
Technical Consultant and Robotics @ ZestIot
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